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You Have the Natural Turf, We Have the White Lines

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Installing our lines can save a significant amount of paint, labor and expense
Turfline Systems
"They are wonderful. I love them!! We followed the manual pretty well. Therefore installation went pretty smoothly. By following the manual and the extra info I was given, installation was very easy. From start to finish, with five people working on this project, we installed 220ft of LineTurf in four hours. One thing that we learned was that dry sand is a MUST."
       Craig Brown, School Security Nation Ford High School, Fort Mill,
       South Carolina, USA

"We are very pleased with LINETURF. Its a better use of public funds. Thanks for the great work you have done in our city over the past years."
        Borough of St-Laurent (Montreal), Quebec, Canada

"Thank you LINETURF for saving us so much money."
       Kyle Rhodus, MWR Athletic Director - Yokosuka Naval Base, Japan


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TURFLINE SYSTEMS is a Permanent Marking System for Natural Grass Sports Fields

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